“Literature’s Graveyard”

We provide here appropriate notes to each page concerning unattributed quotes, translations or other references the scholar or curious reader might require. We are aware of the unresolvable “author’s intent” dilemma that drawing unattributed quotes from an anonymous manuscript creates, since we are – until, and if, this book’s true writer appears – incapable of distinguishing actual literary thefts from poetic coincidences. We shall remain mute on the possibility of these cases, and inquire not whether the author was silently quoting the world cannon or merely confabulating phrases he recalled having read, or thought before… Instead, we present here a veritable database of references to every word that has been written previously, unconcerned of any “author’s intent” that might cloud the reader’s proper judgment of literature; that is, without disrepancies between the writer and the written. As explained previously in the Introduction, to have inserted numbers or notes in each page of the diary would have meant to destroy the visual quality of it that resembles so faithfully the original, so that we have opted to add these notes according to each page on the book. We hope the reader will understand and agree with this formal decision. Due to the recurrence of some of the names quoted in this work, we hope likewise that the reader will forgive certain unavoidable repetitions; however, we consider the work of the End Notes to be worthy of being read on its own, as it contains pearls of poetry from over twenty-five centuries of world literature. We have also added somewhat extensive notes on the medical conditions of both T.E.A. and Korsakoff Syndrome, to give the reader a coherent view of both diseases. Our argument goes against ony of these ailments being the cause of the author’s demise, and we will further explain our convictions with medical reasons. Apart from that, we are continuously made aware by friends and fans about missing quotes and references, and so we urge the reader to keep a look out for future editions in which these corrections may be published.