Who is the author of the book? 

We do not know.

What do you know about him?

We know where he used to live, under what name he was living there, and other miscellaneous personal data.

Why can’t you find him?

It seems that he has, so to speak, covered up his tracks. If he left any.

Where does the money go to?

Any amount of currency offered will go 100% to pay the expenditures of investigation we have taken upon us to find him.

Why don’t you release the personal info you have of him so far?

To give any information that we may have away could lead to others falsely claiming to be the author, and decieving us.

Is the book under copyright laws?

Yes, it is.

Is it strictly legal to publish and copyright a book you did not write? 

No, it isn’t. We have done what we had to do to bring this book to you.

Couldn’t the author appear and sue you?

Yes, he could. However, he could only sue us for copyright infringement if he had enough proof to validate his claim over it. That is why we are not releasing any personal information and expect this tale to travel mouth-to-mouth until the author appears. In the case that he does appear, then our query will have ended satisfactorily, and we would, of course, transfer to his name all royalties and legal faculties.